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Dog Walking

Wags On Walks offer an initial free, no obligation, consultation visit.


We feel it is important to introduce ourselves to both you and your dog(s), to give you confidence that they are in the best possible hands. During the visit, we can discuss your dog(s) specific requirements and routines. The breed, age and temperament of your dog are all important factors that help us recommend the right walks and social group. We will also use this time to answer any questions you may have regarding our service, discuss key collection and storage, for your peace of mind, and take you through our Terms and Conditions.


Why use our Dog Walking Service?


  • Family owned and run business.


  • We offer a full one hour walk over Cannock Chase and do not include travelling time, we are experienced dog owners and have a passion for the work that we do.


  • Your dog(s) safety comes first.


  • Be assured, we clear up all little accidents!


  • Offers physical and mental stimulation


  • We will treat your dog(s) as if they are one of our family.


  • We offer text or email updates



Who would benefit from our Dog Walking Service?


  • Owners who may have regular work commitments


  • Owners who are called away at short notice


  • Convalescing following an illness or medical treatment


  • Long day's out such as a wedding etc


  • Change of circumstances



What happens at each visit?


  • Dog walking for one hour, travelling time is not deducted from your dog's walk


  • Safe walks fully supervised over the beautiful Cannock Chase


  • Appropriate paced walks for older dog's


  • Treats as agreed


  • Clean water


  • Feeding as agreed, we will follow any special diet or food requirements


  • Administration of medications, if required


  • The cleaning up of any dog waste



We will ensure that your dog(s) are kept to the routine to which they are accustomed. This helps to reduce stress and anxiety, providing mental and physical stimulation, key to avoiding boredom or unwanted behaviour. 


If you are away we are happy to put the bins out/in, water plants, bring the mail in, we can even get the bread and milk in for your return, just ask!


Please note that we only take dogs that have been neutered or spayed.









Monday - Friday


£13.50 per 1 hour walk

This does not include transport time, it is a full one hour walk over Cannock Chase.


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